What is wordcounter.space:

In short: service that allows you to conduct your own research in the field of the most used words of any language (easily and for free)
In detail: when you learn a new language, you will inevitably face the problem of choosing the words that you need to learn

According to google:
There are more than a million English words
about 170 000 words in current use
and 20 000 - 30 000 words used by each individual person

In fact, it is enough to know 7000 words to be fluent in the language.
So, the problem is how to get the list of these 7000 words
In addition, about 20% of these 7000 words = 1400 words are used in 50% of all everyday conversations.

I'm sure you've seen these "must-know" dictionaries.
But who did them?
Can you trust these random researchers?
Absolutely not!
We are all different, and we use different vocabulary

So this site allow you to make your own dictionary of words
and learn important words first

How to use it:

You can "convert" any text in format: "word" - "times it used"
You can "convert" songs lyrics, movies, books, essays, articles, ANY text
Program will remove any digits, symbols, and return list of words for you

After you log in, go to "Query" page
There you can type text in form, or put it via .txt file (if it is big) for example movie subtitles

How do i "convert" movie subtitles?
Just google "movie" subtitles
Copy and paste all content to file .txt format
place this .txt file in the query page

Don't be afraid to touch all buttons on this site,
You cant break anything

And keep learning!

Some statistics:

Diffrent words in database: number of times they are used
22241 615740

Top 10 used words:

Word times it used
1 the 31912
2 i 17125
3 to 14552
4 you 13796
5 of 12233
6 and 11934
7 it 9489
8 that 7985
9 in 7736
10 he 7250